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Uncover Mobile Design Opportunities
If you are like most practices, you are making website updates or redesigning your website to make improvements, but do not spend nearly enough time doing it within a mobile...
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Medical Price Transparency Requirements Expanding
In 2019, the White House published an executive order requiring hospitals provide price transparency (Price Transparency Rule).  That went into effect in January 2021.  This means that hospitals are required...
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Best Practices to Improve Your Website Conversions and Boost Your ROI
Generating high-quality traffic to your website continues to be more competitive and increasingly expensive.  However, lowering your exposure costs will not increase your ROI; it will just reduce your exposure...
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Trends and Changes in Your 2021 Marketing Planning
Some of the biggest lessons we learned from marketing in 2020 were that your marketing plans need to keep your practice focused and disciplined, but they also must be adaptable...
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Updating Your Website In 2021: 21 “Must-Do” Tips
The impact of the pandemic has changed how you market to Millenials, and almost every strategy is driven by the internet and moble.  And regardless of the marketing platform or...
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