When you are looking to expand the online reach of your medical practice, paid ads can be a cost-effective and sustainable means of doing so. However, like most other aspects of search engine optimization, getting the best results from this strategy can be deceptively challenging, and seemingly small errors in executing on your paid ad strategy can lead to it having the opposite of its intended effect.

MedShark Digital can help you get the most bang for your buck with paid ads for medical practitioners. From local service ads (LSAs) to pay-per-click (PPC) to geofencing and more, our team can make effective use of various paid ad platforms to help you increase lead volume, raise brand recognition, and maximize ROI on your ad spend.

Ad Campaigns for Medical Marketing

Paid ads can be beneficial for both new and established medical practices looking to make an impression in the digital space. Since sponsored ads are frequently listed above organic results on search engine results pages, they can be extremely helpful in maximizing both lead generation and brand exposure.

For new practices, in particular, they usually lead to quality results much more quickly than many other digital marketing strategies. Paid ad campaigns can also work hand-in-hand with organic and local SEO strategies. On top of that, you will have access to performance data and analytics for each unique paid ad you purchase as well as budget management features, all of which can help ensure you are spending your digital marketing funds in the most efficient way possible.

Focusing Campaigns on Particular Medical Industries

If your practice has multiple practitioners specializing in different practice areas, MedShark Digital can help segment your paid ad campaigns to specific target areas that match up more precisely with what a particular search engine user is searching for. Our team can also help you establish and keep track of separate budgets for each campaign, so you can better focus your resources on what your practice really needs.

Tracking Client Leads From PPC Ads

MedShark Digital can also help you track incoming leads and measure the direct impact of your paid ads with various third-party tools. Our team can leverage these tools to determine where leads are coming from—phone calls, form submissions, or live online chats—and then identify which leads are qualified and what strategy can help make the most of them moving forward.

What Types of Paid Ads Are Best for Medical Marketing?

The primary benefit of traditional Google search ads is plain to see: because they show up at the top of results pages, they will be the first thing any prospective client sees when searching for services in your practice area. If you want to specifically target a local client base, though, you may get better results from local service ads, which will also show up at the top of results pages with a verification badge and will be targeted specifically at people searching from a particular geographic area.

Other options for medical practitioner paid ads include:

  • Responsive display ads
  • Gmail sponsored promotion
  • Remarketing ads, sometimes referred to as retargeting ads
  • Social media ads on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

When it comes to determining which option best suits your needs, though, it is best to work with experienced digital marketing professionals who have gotten good results for practices like yours in the past.

Let Us Help Implement Paid Ads for Your Medical Practice

While there are many benefits to paid ads for medical practitioners on their own, they are typically strongest when they are part of a holistic search engine optimization strategy. Our team is knowledgeable in how to make SEO tactics benefit your ads and vice versa, and we can give you the guidance and technical support you need to build a digital marketing strategy that suits your individual needs. Get in touch today to learn more.

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