Why MedShark Digital?

It’s simple; marketing medical practices, like cosmetic surgery and dentistry is highly competitive. In order to thrive, your practice needs a partner that knows your industry, your practice and fee-for-service patients. And they need to have a track record of consistently delivering results, even in the most competitive situations.

MedShark Digital works hand-in-hand with our clients to highlight a businesses’ personality and brand your business through an authoritative website to convert searchers into leads.

At MedShark, we bring what has been missing in medical digital marketing: Accountability

  • No long-term contract
  • No large, up-front set-up or website design fees
  • Superior SEO strategies and results
  • Custom content in your voice
  • Convert more visitors into quality leads

About MedShark Digital

MedShark Digital combines 25+ years of medical and dental marketing knowledge and insights of one of the industries’ most experienced marketers, Bill Fukui, with the proven track record of BluShark Digital, a leading-edge marketing agency in the hyper-competitive legal industry.


Search Engine Optimization

MedShark Digital is at the cutting edge of SEO techniques and our results back this. We bring together high-quality content creation, authoritative online linking, creative back-end programming, and grassroots local branding. Our SEO is more than just a product. It is our practice.

News Alert:
Google Update – Page Experience Ranking Factors

Google will start rolling out a significant update in June 2021 that will likely have widespread impact.  This algorithm update focuses on rewarding websites and pages that not only have authoritative content, but demonstrate users have a great experience. Read More about this important update, and Request a FREE User Experience Audit for your website.

<em><strong>News Alert:</strong> <br /> Google Update – Page Experience Ranking Factors</em>
What The Industry Says

I have been working with Bill for 20 +years. Not only has he helped develop a marketing plan and website for my dental consulting company, I trust him with my most valuable asset; my clients. I refer them to Bill because he is very professional, has a positive outlook, and his marketing experience and knowledge gets them results.

JoAnne Tanner, Nationally Recognized Dental Consultant

As a business strategist, I work with plastic surgery practices every day and the number one need is online marketing and website support. I have consistently recommended Bill Fukui as my go to marketing expert. The feedback I get from our practices is always positive! Bill always goes above and beyond provides valuable industry insight, recommendations and support in growing our practices.

Kara (Schell) McClanahan, Sr. Plastic Surgery Business Consultant

The Five Fundamentals of

Medical Digital Marketing

As Internet marketing and Google have become more essential to attract elective-medical/dental patients, they have also become more confusing to doctors and practices. We help your practice navigate through the complexity and focus on five fundamentals that position you as an authority in the eyes of consumers and Google: superior technical optimization, sophisticated/compelling content, authority link-building, local optimization and social media integration.

Engaging & Technically Optimized

Website Development

Your website is the hub of your online presence and foundation to project the right image, secure high search engine rankings, and convert visitors into consultations. Our experienced web-development team works hand-in-hand with you to create 1) a design that stirs emotions and stimulates desire, 2) messaging that compels and differentiates, and 3) a fast-loading website with high-quality technical optimization.

And we do it all in half the time of most high-end agencies.

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Get Map Listings

With Local SEO

Historically, SEO focused on getting your practice website to secure a top-ten rating and appear on the first page of Google results. These listings still have great value and generate substantial, high-quality traffic. However, Google and consumers have put more emphasis in the Local Map Results (“Map Pack”), which now typically appears above the top ten organic listings. And the strategies to secure these listings are very different that traditional SEO.

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Become an Expert Through

Sophisticated Content

Google and consumers now put more responsibility on plastic surgeons and dentists to demonstrate they are experts in their field, largely based on the information and content of their website. Google has become more effective at distinguishing high- and low-quality content. At MedShark, we create unique, sophisticated content that is user-friendly, but fundamental to SEO and securing high listings.

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Building Trust

Through Authoritative Backlinks

Even with a high-performing, content-rich, and fully optimized website, many competitive markets require you do more to demonstrate to Google that your website and content are trustworthy. And nothing sends stronger trust signals to Google than endorsements from other highly-rated and relevant websites in the form of links to your website and pages, particularly traffic-bearing links. What these tell Google and visitors is that your content is credible, useful and worthy of sharing. However, much like content, the focus also needs to be on quality, not just quantity.

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Build an Online Community by

Integrating Social Media

Elective medical and dental patients have embraced social media platforms to not only get more “real” information, but to research and learn about your practice on a more personal and deeper level. By building and engaging with your online community, sharing useful, compelling content (including photos and videos), and integrating all your online marketing, you will increase your visibility and authority in the eyes of your target audience, and Google. We ensure the whole of your marketing is greater than the sum of its parts.


What Makes SEO So Important for Medical Practices?

Your top priority for acquiring new customers as a medical service provider should be visibility. But all opportunities for visibility are not the same. And with more options and higher costs, practices can waste a lot of money without generating an ROI.

The reason SEO remains a foundational marketing building block is visibility with the right audience at the right time. Organic search visibility positions your practice as an authority, drives motivated prospects to your website, and converts your highest-quality website visitors into your most valuable leads (next to referrals).

That said, Internet users are increasingly unwilling to dig through multiple search result pages to find a good option for healthcare services. Many do not even scroll past the first few results displayed to them. Making sure you not only rank highly in targeted search results but also that your Google Business Profile appears—in comprehensive detail—to people geographically near your offices is vital to boosting your business.

Finding the Right Approach to Maximize SEO Rankings

Google updates its search algorithms regularly, and recent updates use advanced artificial intelligence to provide users with high-quality content that incorporates a user’s intent rather than just using keywords typed into a search window. There are multiple ways to optimize your site for recent Google updates that MedShark Digital can help you develop as part of a comprehensive medical SEO and healthcare marketing strategy.

Expertise, Authority, and Trust

To start, you should highlight your expertise, authority, and trust throughout your website. Google recognizes that people searching for healthcare services online want physicians with the expertise necessary to deliver superior results or treat their conditions. Potential patients want a trustworthy practice with established authority in helping other people deal with similar problems. An effective website is one with all its page content tailored to emphasize these three things.

Addressing Specific Concerns

Furthermore, good content for healthcare SEO and medical marketing addresses the specific desires and concerns of your potential patients. At MedShark Digital, we understand elective medical treatments and develop content that tells people what they want to know—details to procedures and treatments, differentiators that distinguish you and your practice, helpful tips and information, etc.—and where they can go to get the answers and assistance they need.

Thorough Content

Finally, medical SEO content should be thorough. Google prefers deeper, authoritative pages that address a wide variety of questions and subtopic areas rather than spreading individual answers across various pages and URLs. This way, your website can rank for important keyword searches and multiple long-tail queries with a single base page. With the design and link-building capabilities of MedShark Digital, you can more effectively direct visitors to your content and turn them into new patients.

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