One of the most overlooked ways to optimize a website for users and search engines is incorporating custom photos and videos. Media can support page text and serve as its own destination that may appear in search results. For many practices like plastic surgeons or dentists, medical video and photography can help bring in new clients, strengthen brand identity and image, and rank in search engine results for a much wider variety of queries.

However, search engine optimization for visual media is more than just embedding images in existing pages and including a caption. Regardless of your specific practice area, it is best to work with an experienced digital marketing agency. Our team at MedShark Digital could help ensure your photos and videos achieve positive results in higher search result rankings and boosted conversion rates for new patients.

How Visual Content Fits into an SEO Strategy

The most immediately apparent benefits of incorporating video and photography into a medical website have less to do with backend search engine optimization and more with the appeal of the visual content and user experience. Videos draw more traffic across all segments of the Internet than any other type of content. An explanation of how a particular cosmetic surgery procedure works, an interview with a satisfied dental client, or even an introduction of medical providers and support staff could pay big dividends regarding page view counts and opportunities for backlinks.

Including photos on a page can help visitors understand what a particular practice could do for them and what they could expect from a specific course of treatment or surgical procedure. It can also increase the the time visitors will stay engaged with the written content and improve the likelihood that the visitor will click through to other links or request a consultation. Original images that a particular practice owns themselves generally provide the best results. However, adding a stock image to a page can still be better than a text-only page for SEO results.

Leveraging a Practice’s Prior Successes

One way in which online video and photo content can be especially beneficial for medical practices is by showcasing good results for past patients through “before and after” images. While practices focused on cosmetic procedures generally benefit the most from comparisons like this, they can work well for practitioners in various fields like physical therapy, dentistry, or even chiropractic treatments.

That said, videos and photos must be optimized with accurate metadata so that search engine algorithms can still scan titles and descriptions that are not visible on the customer-facing page. This allows keywords and phrases to contribute to a page’s overall ranking. In addition, embedding transcripts into video content not only helps you stay ADA compliant and improve accessibility for visitors with visual impairments, it allows search engines to understand and appropriately rank videos.

Incorporating Medical Video and Photography Effectively

Visual media on its own can provide a noticeable boost to your site’s viewership and often reduces bounce rates. When properly optimized, it can be a cornerstone of a comprehensive online marketing strategy and help your business achieve much better results.

Support from a dependable digital marketing agency can be vital to making the most of medical video and photography. Get in touch today to learn more.

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