Growing your fee-for-service patient base is essential to building a more profitable cosmetic dentistry practice. In addition, it allows you to:

  • Maintain more control of your practice
  • Focus on the type of dentistry and treatments you want and enjoy
  • Attract more loyal, compliant, and referring patients through “want-based” dentistry
  • Improve the quality of life for you and your team

Effective Internet marketing for cosmetic dentistry is now a “must have” in order to capture patients and survive more web-savvy competition.  Even new, young practices can gain market share in a fraction of the time it took predecessors.

At MedShark Digital, we understand the business of dentistry and how to reach and attract high-quality fee-for-service patients through the Web.  Whether your goal is to attract more cosmetic, orthodontic, TMJ, sleep apnea, or concierge dentistry patients, we have the insights and resources to create a dominant presence.

What Benefits Can SEO and Digital Marketing Provide?

Over the past several years, the Internet has become a central and universal part of our daily lives. Tailoring your cosmetic dentistry practice’s marketing strategy to focus on digital marketing is a virtual necessity if you want to connect with modern customers and get high-quality leads.

A robust digital marketing strategy is also crucial for dentists wanting to drive conversions. Ranking highly for search queries by people seeking dentistry services means greater visibility for your site and brand. To keep those potential patients and prevent them from seeking other options, your digital marketing strategy should incorporate technical optimizations that make your site easy to navigate and full of relevant information. Digital marketing for cosmetic dentistry is largely a matter of developing and strengthening your practice’s brand by tailoring it to users and search engine algorithms. At MedShark Digital, we know how to accomplish this.

Dental Website Design and Development

We develop websites that visually create a high-quality, branded image of you and your practice. But the beauty of an effective website goes much deeper than this surface view. High-performance websites not only project the right image to educate potential clients and promote your brand, but they also deliver superior user experience, have advanced search engine optimization (SEO) programming, and generate leads.

Your website needs to differentiate your practice from the competition. So, we work with you to design a look that you are proud to promote and to create messaging that speaks in your voice. Equally important, we program your website to be fast-loading, mobile-optimized, and user-friendly. We also include strategic calls-to-action that convert targeted visitors into leads that your team can then convert into new patient consultations.

SEO for Cosmetic Dentists

Dentists recognize the need to market effectively on Google to attract higher quality patients. However, most don’t understand fundamental SEO strategies, or they are left confused by their contracted agency’s excuses for not getting results. Thus, every year they end up searching for a new website marketing agency.

To stop this frustrating cycle, we make it simple to understand how we secure higher SEO results. Our tactics do more, and we work harder to execute them.

  • Develop mobile-responsive websites that are fast-loading, properly-coded, and designed to stimulate user engagement.
  • Research how consumers learn about you and your services, and then write user-friendly, yet authoritative and fully-optimized content that directly corresponds to those key queries. And we continually update your website with quality, high-interest content.
  • Implement advanced technical optimization on every page of your website.
  • Find and secure authoritative backlinks from highly-rated, credible, and relevant websites. We focus on quality, not just quantity.

Other Internet cosmetic dental marketing agencies may claim to they do similar things. Call (202) 779-0500 or contact us and receive a complimentary SEO assessment and plan. You will see the difference.

Local Optimization

Although top dental practices can attract elective dental patients throughout the market, state-wide, and even beyond, your core dental patients are local.

That is why we focus so heavily on getting you listed in Google’s 3-Pack map listings.  These listings are now the most important real estate on search results and essentially generate your best local leads. Not only is the map pack listed above the ten organic listings, it stands out by containing graphic elements, such as a map, reviews, hours, and contact information, including your touch-to-call phone number.

Medshark Google Profile

However, to secure one of the three Google map listings, it requires a whole different approach than traditional SEO. Effective local optimization concentrates on optimizing, promoting, and building up the credibility of your cosmetic dentistry practice’s Google Business Profile (GBP) profile (sometimes referred to as your GBP Knowledge Card) as a local authority for dentistry-related topics and searches.

At MedShark, we understand what Google is looking for when indexing top local results.  But more important, we execute and take extra steps to:

  • Fully optimize your GBP profile
  • Update or add your business information on a wide number of business websites (local business citations) with the same information on your GBP, particularly your business name, address, and phone number
  • Add authority content
  • Attract links from local businesses and organizations
  • Help you secure a Google-certified photographer to create a virtual tour of your dental office

Call (202) 410-1399 or contact us for a quick 15-minute local optimization assessment.

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Social Media

Building lifetime relationships with patients is vital to fee-for-service cosmetic dentistry.  Not only is it key for maintaining residual business, but it is also the catalyst for high-quality dentistry practices generating all-important referrals.

Online dental practices not only use social media to learn and share experiences though photos and videos, but they also use social media as a primary vehicle to maintain a connection and build a more personal relationship with your patients. These online sites offer new visitors a more intimate opportunity to learn about you, your team, and your practice, which is critical considering patients choose practices they feel they know and like.

Although your practice needs to take the lead in gathering and posting practice-related photos, videos, events, day-to-day happenings, and engaging with your online community, we help support your efforts by adding useful, informational posts, promoting your activities, and creating synergy with your other online marketing, including your website.

Let us help your marketing “whole” become greater than the sum of its parts.

Need a free consultation, custom recommendations, or costs? Call (202) 410-1399 or contact us.

Integrating Reviews and Other Interactive Features

A five-star review on Google, Yelp, or any other online review platform is worth a lot to a local business or practice. However, a positive review from a previous customer is only useful if potential future customers see them—ideally while naturally browsing search results or your site for other information on dentistry services. MedShark Digital can ensure your favorable reviews get the attention they deserve in search results and on your website through customer testimonials.

We can also help install and manage in-browser live chats, another effective feature for informing and retaining potential patients. Features like this can make a world of difference by helping customers understand your services and building trust with your brand.

Marketing Through Email and Text Messaging

Similar to live chats, allowing current and possible future clients to communicate with your team through text messages can help bridge the gap between your medical expertise and your patients’ questions and concerns. Automated follow-up texts and emails for website visitors who indicate interest in your services online can dramatically boost your rate of converting site views and leads into patients.

Email marketing also has many benefits unique from traditional marketing. For instance, you can personalize messages for specific audiences and even individual patients.

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At MedShark Digital, we know how to tailor a digital marketing strategy to fit your brand and build trust among your target audience. Let us put our years of experience in digital marketing for cosmetic dentistry to work for you. Contact us today for a consultation and learn how we can maximize your return on investment in your online marketing strategy.

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