What to Expect from Your Digital Marketing Consultation

What to Expect from Your Digital Marketing Assessment

Digital marketing is increasingly expensive and complicated. Thus, you need a marketing assessment that is comprehensive, yet concise and understandable.

At MedShark Digital, we don’t give you templated, superficial, salesy information.  You get unique insights, valuable research, and a working plan to build your digital marketing into profitable, authoritative local resource for consumers and Google.

However to provide the most custom research and recommendations, your input it essential.  We compile custom research based on your practice, goals and competition, and distill it into an easy-to-understand game plan.

What You Get:

Competitive Research and Market Audit

We help identify your most successful digital marketing competitors, their strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and deliver a plan to compete more effectively in your market, and how to attract the types of patients you want.  Effective marketing efforts are created in a vacuum; they are developed within a competitive marketplace with specific objectives.  Many practices describe this information as invaluable and key to making plans and decisions.

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Complete Website Assessment

You will receive a comprehensive website audit that addresses: design, image and branding, rapport and relationship-building recommendations, mobile optimization, site speed, content audit, creative calls-to-action, and even Google Analytics analysis (if available).  You will receive hands-on suggestions to immediately improve your website for search engines, user experience and lead conversions.

SEO Audit

If your website is not the dominant site for important Google searches in your market, your SEO Audit will point out key barriers blocking your path to top listings and includes research on your top competitors and identifying ways to beat them.  We provide easy-to-understand ways to improve your on-site SEO, content marketing suggestions and strategies to build a powerful backlink profile by identifying toxic backlinks and how to attract more higher quality links.  We remove the mystery behind getting high search engine rankings and elevating the authority of your website and pages.

Google Local 3-pack Optimization

We all recognize the importance Google has placed on the 3-pack map listings.  And although reviews can help, it is not the sole ranking factor for getting listed in this valuable position. How many times do you find practices listed ahead of you when you have more and better reviews than they do? We include a thorough Google My Business (GMB) profile evaluation, business citation listing reporting, and GMB optimization tactics and ways to validate your local business asauthority and credibility.

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Social Media Integration

Your digital marketing is not a collection of independant, siloed marketing platforms.  Rather, they need to be synergistic and integrated so that your marketing “Whole” is greater than the sum of its parts.  We not only evaluate your online community, content/posts, reviewers, and engagement, we uncover new ways to integrate all of your online marketing.

Paid Advertising Assessment

As practice continue to invest more and more into digital marketing, part of the growth is in paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even review platforms like Yelp.  Our audit will provide recommendations on where to invest more, where to cut back, timing of your ads, messaging and conversion landing pages.

What Others Say About Our Consultations

“As a business strategist, I work with plastic surgery practices every day and the number one need is online marketing and website support.  I have consistently recommended Bill Fukui as my go to marketing expert.  The feedback I get from our practices is always positive! Bill always goes above and beyond provides valuable industry insight, recommendations and support in growing our practices.”

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