Marketing Strategies to Get More Leads

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Having a marketing strategy is crucial to a practice’s overall plan towards reaching prospective patients. People gather and receive so much information every day, making a well-thought-out visible presence critical to ensure potential consumers notice you. Here are a few tips and tricks that your practice can add to your marketing strategies to get more leads.

Converting Landing Pages to Leads

Many times, landing pages are associated with conversion pages for pay-per-click ads or other paid advertising, but in many cases, they can also refer to highly optimized pages that rank well on important search results.  Landing pages are a great way to convert visitors into possible prospects because they are designed to elicit a response, like subscribing to a blog or email list, requesting additional information, or scheduling a consultation. Here are some suggestions to improve your landing pages.

  • Only require necessary information on forms. Visitors are less likely to respond if they have to give too much.
  • Focus on touch-to-call phone number calls-to-action for mobile visitors.
  • The content on landing pages should focus on specific and unique areas of a practice or procedure to elevate the interest of a target audience. The more targeted the audience, the more effective the landing page.
  • Avoid focusing solely on “Book a Consultation” as your only call-to-action and lower the barriers to entry into your practice. Invite questions, including asking for prices (they’re going to ask anyway!) to initiate engagement.
  • Leverage Live Chat and Text Messaging services to convert off-hour visitors and Millennials that prefer to communicate through digital means rather than phone calls.

Online Paid Advertising

PPC or Google Ads pay-per-click advertising can be a cost-effective marketing tool used to target and drive intent-based searchers to your website. Other paid ads can include display advertising on banners or social media. The advantage of PPC is that it generates immediate exposure and delivers your message to a specific audience. The results are also able to be tracked and analyzed to further investigate what needs to be changed to get more people to take action. Some PPC tips:

  • Conduct competitive research on ads, descriptions, and landing pages to ensure all elements of your campaign are compelling and stand out.
  • Focus on mobile ads and conversion strategies. Most searches are on a mobile device.
  • Make sure to leverage dayparting and concentrate your budget and ads during high-conversion days and times.
  • Prepare your intake staff and let them know what your campaigns are promoting and what common questions to expect.

Patient Reviews

The first step many people take before buying a product or service is researching online. People are looking for reviews posted by others that might give them the impression that your business is trustworthy. The more reviews a business has, the better, as it gives a broad overview for prospects to listen to that word-of-mouth recommendation. Managing negative reviews is also key, as it gives you the chance to address any concerns and follow up with what you can do to help fix or change an issue someone might have. Here are a few review marketing tips:

  • Focus primarily on Google Reviews, but also generate reviews on other key websites to diversify your reviews and project a more organic reputation.
  • Respond to ALL reviews, particularly your most positive reviewers. They tend to be your best referral sources. Google also sees the engagement and can elevate your Google Business Profile.
  • Incorporate and leverage reviews on your website, e-newsletters, PPC landing pages, etc.
  • Include reviews as part of your email follow-up and sales strategies

Blog Posts

Another way to gain new leads is through writing blog posts. Blogs focus on content marketing as well as improving your SEO at the same time. The content should be up-to-date and compelling enough to capture a prospect’s attention and turn them into a lead. It is also crucial to remember keywords can play a pivotal role in search engines and how people will find your blog. Check out these blog posting tips.

  • Research keywords and search phrases to make sure you target higher value and volume searches. Use tools like
  • Leverage seasonal announcements, e-newsletters, sales and marketing emails, and social media posts and boosted posts to promote new blog posts and send strong user signals to Google.
  • Develop more useful and engaging posts that go beyond just adding website content.

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