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Medical Price Transparency Requirements Expanding
In 2019, the White House published an executive order requiring hospitals provide price transparency (Price Transparency Rule).  That went into effect in January 2021.  This means that hospitals are required...
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Building Rapport and Relationship Into Your Digital Marketing
High conversion-marketing in today’s online cosmetic environment demands more than just strong promotions and salesy ads.  It is about knowing your target audience and incorporating rapport-building strategies into your digital...
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Vlog: Tips to Convert More Digital Website Leads
Improving your marketing return on investment (ROI) is not just about generating more leads but closing a higher percentage of them into sales opportunities and consultations. Today, there are more...
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Trends and Changes in Your 2021 Marketing Planning
Some of the biggest lessons we learned from marketing in 2020 were that your marketing plans need to keep your practice focused and disciplined, but they also must be adaptable...
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How to Get Into Google’s 3-pack Map Listings
Internet marketing continues to be increasingly competitive and securing organic exposure in Google search results is getting tougher and tougher. In fact, Google’s 3-pack map listings in search results has...
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Fake Google Analytics Results: Tips to get the truth about your results and opportunities
      Regardless of the candidates you voted for or the issues on your ballot, we all experienced “election exhaustion” from this year’s election.  But there are takeaways that...
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What to Expect from Your Digital Marketing Consultation
Digital marketing is increasingly expensive and complicated. Thus, you need a marketing assessment that is comprehensive, yet concise and understandable. At MedShark Digital, we don’t give you templated, superficial, salesy...
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