How to Create a Content Plan Tailored to the Target Customer’s Journey 

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If you are looking to get ahead of your competition, you have to think outside of the box. Consider creating a content plan that is specific to your target audience’s journey. This can help you identify tactics and strategies that are personalized to how your target customer searches for content.

Think Like Your Customer

A creative way to start a content plan is to identify the personas of your target audience. Personas should include general demographics as well as their wants and needs. To explore customers’ wants and needs, you can start by trying to understand what leads them to start searching online. Are your potential customers beginning their journey by gathering general information about procedures, or are they looking to make a purchase?

Knowing your target personas can help you stand out amidst the sea of marketing materials. You can optimize your content to the demands of the persona rather than creating content and hoping it matches your audience’s needs.

To get started, conduct research about what content and news your persona is seeking and then implement a plan to tailor your content.

Look At Your Competition

If you are feeling stuck when creating your content plan, consider looking at what your competition’s content landscape looks like. See what keywords they are using, and if it is helping them rank well, and look for gaps in their content. If your competition is ranking well but they do not cover a range of topics, this is an opportunity for your organization to be the go-to source for missing, high-demand topics.

Update Your Publishing Cycle

Consider implementing new tactics into your publishing cycle to ensure personalization in your content. Your publishing cycle should not be rushed. Instead, ensure your cycle is thorough and utilizes data science, content needs, and content gaps. Such tactics can quickly improve your publishing cycle and content plan to be more reflective of who your customers are.

Personalize Your Content Plan

Always remember that quality outranks quantity, which means having tons of content will not serve you well if it is not what your customers are looking for. Consider reaching out to an experienced marketing team like the one at MedShark Digital to help you conduct your persona research and create a step-by-step publishing cycle to ensure your organization stays on top of your customer’s desires.

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