Effective Keywords for Medical Practices

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Consumers are increasingly spending more time researching medical services and providers on Google, making it essential to identify your most effective keywords. Whether your focus is on organic SEO, paid search marketing, or both, understanding what and how consumers search is the foundation for high ROI online marketing.

How to Find Effective Keywords

Keyword research helps to give insight on what queries your target audience is searching for on Google. This can then guide actual search terms and inform content strategy. Effective keywords are those that consider how the consumer searches for things. Keyword research helps your practice optimize for or invest in keywords that instantly “connect” with your prospects and Google algorithms.

Identify Growing Opportunities

Once you identify the best keywords for your content, you can optimize to rank higher in search engine results. This will lead more traffic to your website. By identifying effective keywords, your firm can answer queries and reach audiences that other practices might miss. For instance, the recent increase in search volume for microneedling may indicate a keyword target for growing cosmetic practices.

In fact, today, there are more searches on Google for “microneedling” than “breast augmentation.”

How Can You Implement Keywords into Your Organic SEO?

Google’s algorithm allows it to understand that many searches mean the same thing. However, having an exact match keyword can push your firm or product to the top of the SERP. Another strategy is on-page optimization for title tags, headings, alt-image tags, and content. To implement keywords into your organic SEO, you can add new pages as well as update existing website content.

Free Tools:

These are some free online tools you can use for your own keyword research:

Google Trends – Google search volume trends over time and comparison

Wordstream – Provides Google Ads Search Volume, CPC, and Competitive Level

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