How Consumer Data Can Help Your Medical Practice 


Like any other industry, building a great customer experience is essential to retain current customers, differentiate from the competition, and create customer loyalty. The first question you should ask yourself is: How well do you know your customers? Do they have families? Are they technology-savvy? What are their hobbies? This information may seem irrelevant, but the more you understand your audience, the more likely you can enhance their experience with your brand. When patients feel cared for and trust your brand, your practice will be their first option when they need healthcare services.

Using Consumer Data To Aid Your Marketing

How many times have you seen a healthcare commercial that shows a happy family outside playing with their children and dog? For most people, they’ve lost count. When you actually think about how often your patients fit this portrayal, you may find that those commercials don’t reflect reality. When you can understand your patients’ lifestyles, you won’t need to resort to cliché advertising.

For example, a practice can use analytics to identify individuals that are searching for new treatments and then present a targeted ad that emphasizes new treatments with cutting-edge technology. By personalizing communication to potential patients, your practice increases the likelihood of attracting new patients who are seeking medical services.

Another way your practice can leverage consumer data is by analyzing search queries and digital footprints. For instance, a cardiology practice can use predictive analytics to target individuals that have searched for information on heartburn, purchased products to help with heartburn, or participate in activities that can induce heartburn. Then, taking into account the customer segmentation’s age, gender, location, and digital behaviors, they can create tailored marketing campaigns that use the proper marketing channels and address individual needs.

Optimizing Your Practice

Leveraging consumer data can also be financially beneficial for your practice. Today, you can find a plethora of healthcare apps that allow patients to schedule appointments, find treatments, or view medical information. Let’s say your practice decides to follow suit and launch a healthcare app. By analyzing past consumer data, you can determine which customers are more likely to use the app and which customers prefer traditional communication methods. Why waste time, energy, and resources trying to market an app to customers that clearly have no interest in using it? Customer data can not only help you understand current customers and seek out potential customers, but the data can also help you avoid costly marketing mistakes.

If your practice is looking for new ways to build customer relationships and attract new clientele, using consumer data can help you connect with customers in a meaningful way, guiding them through the marketing funnel to becoming loyal customers. Call MedShark Digital to learn more about growing your business through effective marketing strategies.

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