How To Boost Sales Through Effective Lead Intake & Follow-Up Emails 

In today’s digital age, generating leads for your practice is easier than ever. However, converting those leads into paying patients can be challenging. So, what does success look like?

Imagine this scenario: you’ve seen a 50% increase in new patient consultations from the website,  yet your lead volume has stayed the same. How did you convert the leads coming through your website more efficiently? Converting leads is the quickest and most cost-effective way to grow revenue. If you want to grow your business fast without spending exorbitant amounts of money, improve your intake and sales follow-up. By optimizing your lead intake and sales follow-up processes, you will turn more potential leads into loyal customers in no time.

Your Digital Presence: The Backbone to Your Sales Success

Let’s say a lead comes into your network. How do you ensure your website is effectively set up to convert that lead into a new patient consultation?

Your website and social media assets are pivotal to not only generate new leads but close them as well. Your digital presence can build trust, showcase your expertise, and help inform potential clients. By leveraging the following tips, you can convince these potential clients that your practice centers their needs and concerns and provides the best service for their elective medical procedure:

  • Ensure your website is user-friendly and filled with alluring content that encourages customer engagement. Key content should include before and after galleries visually highlighting your practice’s expertise. You can also encourage customer engagement by featuring prominent links to social media platforms.
  • Highlight the trust and authority of your practice by designing a reviews page on your website as well as surgeon profile pages. These profile pages should ideally include email and social media links to the practitioner’s online presence.
  • Create a dedicated financing page that addresses pricing concerns with affordability while emphasizing the value of your services. Finance pages should be viewed as key conversion page that includes strategic and compelling calls to action.
  • Integrate social media to enhance your creative content and drive potential clients to your dedicated conversion pages. Leverage your social media platforms to deliver unique content that differentiates your practice, engage with customers to build customer loyalty, and promote special offers that entice customers to visit your site. The goal is to attract potential customers to your site, where you can answer their questions and show that your practice is customer-centric and trustworthy.

Your website can serve as the backbone for lead conversion success. Leveraging these elements can help you build authority and trust, resulting in higher lead conversion.

Analyzing Your Email Lead Intake Tactics

Once your website and social media are optimized for success, you should develop a comprehensive email outreach strategy. The first integral step is to analyze your current strategy before attempting to improve your lead intake and management tactics. How does your sales team currently respond and make sales through email? How do you train your sales team, and what steps might you be missing? Your sales team is your front-end for intake, making them extremely important. What should their follow-up emails include?

Your emails should strategically drive traffic back to your website. One excellent way to do this is through links. For example, “destination pages” are valuable because they provide customers with content they may be seeking and help you achieve specific goals. Some examples of destination pages include testimonials and practitioner profile pages. These provide useful information for potential clients and help customers move further down the marketing funnel toward conversion. When implementing links, think, “What website pages would help me sell better?” “What information are customers seeking to advocate for our practice’s credibility?”

Make your email communication personal and engaging so recipients are encouraged to click through and explore your website.

Effective Email Strategies to Close Deals

To successfully leverage emails to engage with leads and close deals, implement the following tactics to enhance your email outreach.

Initial Auto Responder

Set the right tone by sending an autoresponder confirming the lead’s submission and providing welcoming information. This email can also outline the next steps and set clear expectations, along with links to pages to keep them engaged.

Building Authority and Rapport

Use emails to differentiate your practice, establish authority in your field, and connect with prospects. Make sure all follow-up emails include a link to your About Doctor page. Also, incorporate a custom email signature with a photo, title, and touch-to-call phone number. Today, most people read emails on smartphones, allowing them to contact you with the touch of a button.

Addressing Communication Preferences

Not all prospects prefer phone calls, especially within certain demographics like Millennials. You may need to “earn the right for a phone call.” Adapt to their communication preferences and use email or text messaging to nurture leads if a phone call isn’t initially possible. Never abandon other forms of communication.

Transparency and Trust

Be upfront and avoid dodging questions. For price questions, present the lead with a price range and emphasize the value of your services to gain their trust. Financing pages are important to your website because customers will appreciate your attentiveness to their concerns. Including links to a well-developed affordability/financing page will address any visitor concerns about price and provide a compelling lead conversion page. One example is an “Ask Us About Costs” page that urges leads to contact your practice.

Showcasing Your Brand

Reinforce your brand identity in every email. Link your “About Us” page to highlight the unique aspects of your practice and team and build rapport and likeability.

Compelling Reviews Page

Develop a compelling and updated reviews page to promote on your website. Include links to this page in your follow-up emails to enhance credibility.

Managing Expectations

Most visitors to websites that are effectively marketed are first-time visitors and have never had a cosmetic consultation. Asking them to “Book a Consultation” is a huge leap. Instead of assuming they will request a consultation when they haven’t even contacted your office before, break down the barrier of the unknown – develop a “What to Expect During Your Consultation” page. Provide details, promote the value, and use compelling imagery. Then “ask for the order.”

Multi-Faceted Follow-Up

Avoid a “one and done” follow-up email strategy. Create content messaging campaigns using text and email to nurture and guide prospects through the buying cycle.

By optimizing your lead intake and leveraging the power of email, your sales team can effectively convert potential leads into satisfied customers. Create personalized, engaging content that builds trust, showcases your practice, and drives website traffic. Combine digital marketing assets, social media, reviews, before and after photos, and financing options to reinforce your authority and close more deals. Finding the right rhythm might involve some trial and error but remember: a well-executed email strategy can be your business’s game-changer for rapid and cost-effective revenue growth.

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