Plastic Surgery Keywords for PPC

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Unlike organic SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help get your plastic surgery website to the top of the first page immediately. PPC has long been used by plastic surgeons to stay ahead of the competition and to increase website traffic because of how effective it is. Pay-per-click is important for the following reasons:

  • It can improve brand awareness by up to 80%, according to PPC specialists
  • For every $1 spent on Google Ads, some businesses could make up to $2 back
  • 75% of internet users think paid advertising makes it easier to find what they are looking for
  • Highly targeted geographic area.
  • Leverage spikes in seasonal consumer interest.
  • Fill in gaps where your organic listings are not visibly ranking well.

However, this prime placement comes with a fee each time someone clicks it, regardless of whether it converts a lead. Thus, if used incorrectly, you may not get higher-quality traffic, and it can wildly inflate your ad spending.

Targeting the right keywords in your campaign and carrying them through on your conversion landing page can make a major difference in lowering the overall cost, increasing the quality of your traffic and leads, and boosting your ROI.

Quality Keywords Based on Intent

Keep in mind that all plastic surgery keyword phrases may be relevant, but not all of them leverage “intent.” For instance, a person that searches “plastic surgery” is likely earlier in the buying cycle than someone who searches “plastic surgeon” and is likely looking for a provider.

Quality Keywords Based on Focus

Keywords can also help you target consumers that are closer to deciding based on the knowledge and focus of your target search audience. A consumer searching “liposuction” may not be as knowledgeable and destination-focused as someone searching “Coolsculpting.” There may be more searches for liposuction, but the latter may generate high-converting traffic.

Quality Keywords Based on Research

Researching the right keywords to optimize your campaign and landing pages can also make an impact on your conversions. For instance, many surgeons now offer and want to promote more targeted liposuction techniques and technologies. Do they search for “high-definition liposuction,” “liposculpting,” “body contouring,” or “body sculpting?” The results may surprise you.

Because of Google’s rules, the expenses of procedures, and the greater prices of keyword targeting, PPC for certain industries like plastic or cosmetic surgery is difficult. Oftentimes, the cost of some of these medical PPC services starts at 15% of your monthly internet marketing budget. When paired with online presence management services, it delivers the best return on investment.

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