Digital Marketing Tips for Plastic Surgeons

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There are a wide variety of digital marketing options that may increase traffic to your website, but how do you ensure those visitors turn into patients? To create high-quality traffic, you want to ensure the right people find your website. It’s not just about numbers. This is where smart digital marketing strategies come in.

Search Marketing Drives the Highest Quality Visitors

Whether organic or paid exposure, intent and interest-based search marketing gets your practice in front of potential patients that are interested and researching cosmetic procedures and providers. In addition, they are typically later in the cosmetic buying cycle and more likely to take the next steps.

Your SEO efforts should focus on your specific client base. One method is to include relevant blogs with keywords emphasizing your practice’s specialty and location. Once the right people have found you, how do you convince them to choose your practice over your competitors?

Galleries Are Not Just for Museums

A thousand words take a while to read and even longer to write. While blogs are helpful for SEO, they are not always the best or most efficient way of conveying important information. Cosmetic surgery is unique because it is both an art and a science. How do you convince your patients to trust you with such a high-risk procedure? Show them that the rewards are even higher than the risks.

Photographic evidence can do more to prove your expertise than words alone. In fact, most patients say the most important factor when choosing a cosmetic or plastic surgeon is the before and after photo gallery. To get the most out of your gallery, make sure the photos are well-lit with plenty of options for angles and types of procedures. You may also consider watermarking your photos so they can’t be stolen. Your watermark should be impossible to crop out of the image without obscuring the photo.

Not only is this the section that can demonstrate the quality of your work, but it is also the one section that stimulates emotions and desires. Since we all know that the decision to have cosmetic plastic surgery is an emotional one, this is the section that should have your strongest calls-to-action and “next step” elements. Strike while the iron is hottest.

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

Your website should be easy for your site visitors to navigate. If it takes a while to explain where to find something on your website, you may want to consider a redesign. For visitors to turn into clients, they must be able to contact you. Every website page should include an easily accessible way for users to contact your practice.

People will have unique questions and concerns not covered on your page; they will likely want to speak to someone knowledgeable as soon as possible. An easy way to address this is by having your phone number, email, contact form, or online chat at the top of the screen. Your website should also be easily navigable. A visitor should not have to leave the first page to figure out what types of services you offer. Visitors also highly value reviews, so these should be easily accessible as well.

Use Reviews

Speaking of reviews, you’ll want to add more of them. How often have you gone to a restaurant because you heard it was good? Yelp is popular for a reason, but your audience should not have to leave your site to find reviews. Potential patients highly value reviews when making decisions, and it is easy to see why. Surgery has much higher stakes than choosing a restaurant, so it is even more critical to use positive reviews to your advantage.

Consider how you gain reviews and how many of your patients have left reviews. Is there an easy way for patients to send their reviews directly to you? If few of your patients have left reviews, you may want to rethink how you are prompting them to send feedback.

Incorporate Videos into Your Strategy

Videos can be a great digital marketing tool to help you stand out from your competition. Seeing what you look like and hearing you speak about your work is humanizing, which helps build trust. Your videos can introduce you, your practice philosophy, and your areas of expertise. They can also cover any topics you might write a blog about. Videos allow you to connect with your audience more deeply and present information more engagingly.

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Digital marketing is a powerful tool, but there are many steps in building a strong online presence. Making sure your gallery and reviews are updated, easy to find, and organized will help turn site visitors into patients. Additionally, your website should be easy to navigate, with your contact information clearly displayed. Videos can build credibility and help Google’s algorithm rank your site higher in search results. An experienced digital marketing agency can help organize your content and design a strategy best suited for your practice. Call 202-335-6599 today to learn more about how we can help you attract and close more aesthetic patients.

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