Why Your Medical Practice Needs a Google Business Profile

Creating a Google Business Profile (previously Google Business Profile) is no longer optional, given that so much of the population turns to search engines to find businesses that meet their needs. Your potential medical clients are no exception!

Suppose your practice has changed locations, health protocols, or opening hours. This is essential information for your clients. To keep them updated, these changes should be reflected in your online presence. If not, the potential client will be unable to find the information they require on your Google Business Profile, and they will end up searching elsewhere.

Why It Matters

Even if someone is directly searching for your practice, most searchers haven’t decided on a company before starting their search. This means that your practice must be visible in a more generic online search to draw their attention to your site.

Your Google Business Profile (GBP) is the first thing your medical clients see when they search for your practice or any practice in response to their search query. Your GBP lets people easily see your location, hours, contact information, and client reviews. People can even directly message your practice through the interface. Especially with COVID-19 and changing health protocols, healthcare organizations must ensure their information is updated to attract new clients.

Communicating With Your Audience

Aside from updating your GBP with basic information about your medical practice, you can also use Google posts within your profile to directly communicate with clients. Think of these posts as a form of social media. You can include text, photos, or videos to provide a business update, inform clients of a promotion or special, or promote an event.

Looking for further benefits to keeping your GBP updated? By having accurate information listed on your Google Business Profile, Google will likely rank your organization higher, allowing you to gain more visibility with potential clients. Additionally, adding your location increases your chances of appearing in a local search, resulting in more leads. The goal is for clients to easily find your businesses when searching “healthcare services near me,” for example.

Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

Now that you understand how Google Business Profiles work and why they are important, take these steps to ensure your profile is optimized.

1. Write a Good Description

An overview of your practice can help clients understand your services and determine if you are right for them. You should include a few relevant keywords to help you in local searches. The most relevant information should be placed in the first paragraph, but feel free to include any information you think is essential for clients to know.

2. Post Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews can help your practice gain credibility. Reviews act as social proof, signaling to other potential leads that your services are trustworthy. Seek out patients that have had good experiences with your practice and have them write a short review. In terms of responding to online reviews, you should respond to both good and bad reviews. Patients value practices that care about their experience, and responding to bad reviews shows that you take the client experience seriously.

3. Upload Images

Lastly, you should add images to your profile. This includes interior or exterior photos of your business location, healthcare products you offer, treatment rooms, and team photos. Pay particular attention to adding before and after photos, as these highlight the effectiveness of your services!

Follow these steps to establish a clear online presence that will help you find and attract potential healthcare patients.

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