Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Med Spa Marketing Game

med spa marketing

Building a business can be overwhelming. From customers, vendors, and inventory to revenue there are countless factors that need to be monitored day in and out to maintain a functioning business. In the midst of so many seemingly ever-changing variables, it can be easy to get swept up in one aspect of your business while neglecting another. To make things easier on you, Bill Fukui and Accelerate Aesthetic Consulting owner Lisa McNevin sat down to discuss some of the most useful tips and tricks to improve your Med Spa Marketing on a recent episode of MedShark Insider.

Lead Generation and Lead Management

One of the key issues businesses look to improve their marketing struggle with is lead generation. While you may believe you need to discover a fresh strategy to secure new leads, McNevin points out that often, the key to maximizing your leads is not necessarily to find new leads, but rather to maximize your existing ones. Not only does this strategy cost significantly less, but it can pay dividends in the long run. Once you have performed a thorough audit, you can begin to create a better image of your lead conversion ratio and retention rates. With that information in mind, you can dive deeper and determine what content or campaign strategies are working best for your given client base and modify them accordingly. While it may be tempting to simply look for a quick way to secure new leads, it is often in the best for your business to evaluate your current practices before seeking out those other avenues.

Improving Intake

Along the same lines as lead generation and management, one of the most significant ways to improve those leads and actually convert potential clients to actual clients is through effective intake. The two major components that will strengthen your intake by far are the speed and accuracy with which you are responding to prospective patients. McNevin advises that a good rule of thumb is to respond to online or phone inquiries within fifteen minutes, or early in the morning if a submission was received overnight. However, this strategy is only so effective when paired with accurate and informed responses. Simply put, your intake team needs to be trained in your offerings and how to address the patient’s stated needs. A well-trained and well-informed intake team can truly make a world of difference in the overall success of your business.

Emphasizing Personal Relationships With Patients

Beyond securing leads, McNevin highlights that retention truly is the name of the game in aesthetics. If you are able to maintain recurring patients, this will result in the most success for you and your Med Spa. Towards that end, McNevin emphasizes that building personal relationships with repeat clients is crucial. Whether it be thank you notes, birthday cards, or the occasional discount, these seemingly small gestures make such a difference in distinguishing you from the competition and keeping those customers coming back.

From improving your lead management and intake process to maintaining personal relationships with clients, these are a few ways to get started improving your Med Spa Marketing game. While maintaining your Med Spa might be difficult, marketing it doesn’t have to be, contact MedShark Digital today to let us help you stand out online.

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