The Power of Google Local, LSAs, and SEO for Medical Practices

Powerful online marketing that drives business growth combines paid, local, and organic search. While organic SEO is the traditional setting for SEO, the local sphere is increasingly important for medical practices. Local search, otherwise known as the local three-pack, highlights three highly ranked results following a user’s search query; it then details the reviews, locations, and basic information for each of the three businesses. This three-pack is increasingly influential in the medical space because it helps boost your practice’s visibility, drives traffic, and increases your practice’s profitability. Today, as much as 50-60% of search result clicks happen in the Google three-pack.

Understanding SEO Fundamentals and Local SEO

Fundamental to SEO, the specific tactics to drive local three-pack rankings differ slightly from those that drive organic search rankings. Fortunately, the fundamentals of SEO are the same. Your practice must show Google that you are a credible authority. Authority comes down to two components: content and backlinks. Suppose a highly credible source such as the Wall Street Journal has a link to your website. This link shows Google that your content and, by proxy, your practice is trustworthy and qualified. By earning more of these links, you are building your trust in the eyes of Google, which is incredibly powerful and vital for visibility.

Regarding local SEO, a key component is to ensure that your Google Business Profile is built out with photos, videos, and any essential information about your business. Additionally, reviews are critical. Google values real-world consumer experiences, so you should strive to bring in new positive reviews as often as possible.

Expanding Local Reach for Medical Practices

Google Local will almost always give preference to a local player; however, there are not always enough of these local players in non-competitive locations to fill the three-pack. If you have a new medical treatment not offered at other nearby locations, you can leverage this keyword to cover nearby areas and extend your reach. This approach helps gain visibility in those areas and increases the likelihood of appearing in local search results. To determine a profitable location to target with your content, evaluate the competition and where they’re located and research what the population in that area might be searching for.

Your Goal with SEO

The main goal for your SEO is to focus on your ROI and spend the least money while getting the best possible results (i.e., converting the highest number of high-quality leads for the lowest price). This comes down to collaboration. One person cannot be expected to know and master the multiple skill sets required for effective SEO, including links, technical, and content. Working closely with digital marketing partners can help you achieve the best results. Understanding and effectively leveraging these tools, your practice can strengthen its online presence, drive traffic, and increase long-term ROI.

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