Results from Local Service Ads for Plastic Surgeons

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Our team at MedShark Digital has been hard at work launching new Local Service Ads (LSA) for our plastic surgery clients!

We are excited to share the results of one of our LSA clients!

What Do LSAs Do?

Utilizing LSA can help your website appear at the very top of a Google search results page. This strategy is to ensure your website is seen by more potential customers. In the LSA itself, the prospective patient has the opportunity to see your practice’s information, reviews, and your phone number.

Quick Quality Results

Eight days after launching an LSA, our plastic surgery client received 13 leads, and 6 leads were successful in booking or scheduling a consultation! In 23 days, this particular LSA gathered 5,261 impressions, had a top impression rate on search pages of 99.91% and an absolute top impression rate on search pages of 86.14%!

How Much Do LSAs Cost?

LSAs function on a pay per lead basis, this means that you will only pay when someone calls you from the LSA. The prices depend on the location of your practice. It is common that your weekly budget for LSAs will fluctuate, but you can control how much you budget for a month.

MedShark Can Help You Reach More Potential Customers

If you want more leads for your plastic surgery practice, consider utilizing LSAs to reach a larger target audience. Our medical digital marketing team is experienced in LSAs and can help you determine if they are right for you. We can help you expand your reach ASAP! Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

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