Marketing Trends in Healthcare 2022

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Covid-19 has undeniably changed the healthcare landscape. With more patients looking for safer, personalized ways to receive healthcare, new marketing trends in this industry are emerging. Because of this rapid change, it is essential to be on the cutting edge and stay ahead of the curve. Below are five marketing trends you should be aware of as we near the middle point of 2022.

  1. Telehealth

Although people were previously hesitant about online healthcare, the pandemic has accelerated their trust and confidence in this new way of patient-provider communication. New technology has allowed patients to get the same level of care in the virtual space. Additionally, patients may be more comfortable and open in online appointments from their home than in person. With the continuing momentum of telehealth services, healthcare providers should look to adopt virtual options for online appointments in the future.

  1. Health Clouds

New cloud systems have allowed patients to easily access their health data and electronic health records (EHR). Not only does this help with patient transparency, but it also organizes this information in a way that is easier for the physician to view and understand.

  1. Personalization and Customization

New trends also indicate that patients are looking for more personalized healthcare with customized options to best suit their needs. Personalization will soon become the new standard in healthcare. Patients want to see their medical records online and see specific treatment recommendations for any issue they are experiencing. Healthcare companies can adapt to this trend by utilizing patient portals to show consumers personalized content on a social feed as well as online customization options.

  1. Impact of Digital Assistance

Instead of spending time on the phone, users can now use online chat or digital assistants to ask their healthcare questions. However, digital assistants like Siri or Cortana have SEO implications. With consumers using voice speech to search healthcare recommendations, you may need to alter keywords to increase accessibility across your online content.

  1. Internal Management Solutions

New technologies have rapidly changed healthcare systems and increased efficiency and organization methods. New software that tracks inventory management can help hospitals make better decisions faster. New ways of increasing patient data will allow healthcare providers to better understand internal problems in their organization and potential solutions. With new reviewing software, patients can share their experiences and care at their provider.

Healthcare providers should look to implement these new software technologies to manage their organizations and understand the consumers’ experiences with their services. With these new trends rapidly changing, it can be difficult to stay updated. MedShark Digital can guide you through this new landscape and ensure your company is ahead of the digital marketing curve. Contact us for more information on how we can help your company achieve its goals.

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