How Can I Improve My Plastic Surgery Content?

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When people consider plastic surgery, they visit online sites to gain further insight into various surgeons’ work. This includes platforms such as a practice’s website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, or other forms of social media. It’s crucial to keep several things in mind when creating and optimizing your plastic surgery content, as this could make or break a potential patient’s decision.

Best Practices for Creating Online Content

When developing content, it’s tempting to explain each step in great detail to educate the audience to the best of your knowledge. However, when talking points become lengthy, you risk losing the attention of your viewers. Instead, focusing on the actual surgery procedure itself will help keep viewers engaged.

Optimizing Images

When uploading images, utilizing lines and arrows will assist in illustrating which parts of the body were changed. It’s also a good idea to minimize overlaying text, as it may distract from the post’s primary purpose. In terms of what type of content to upload, before and after images are always helpful. Individuals interested in receiving plastic surgery typically examine results, which may assist them in choosing a surgeon.

Additionally, changing the cover photo of videos to capture the most dramatic moment may help captivate viewers’ attention. Including hashtags in every post will make your content easier to find and often attract more viewers.

Instagram Dimensions

If you are using Instagram, uploading videos and images in square format is best. If you upload media in other dimensions, Instagram will have to crop it for their feed when displaying an overview of your profile. As a result, you risk excluding information that may be important.

Learn More Tips for Improving Your Plastic Surgery Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is key in reaching your target audience and ensuring your content is visible to potential customers. A practical first step in optimizing your plastic surgery content is regularly posting blogs and articles, as they are likely to address various customer questions and topics of interest. To learn more about SEO best practices and how to use them to your advantage, contact us today.

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