Google Drops Continuous Scroll in Search Results

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Google frequently adjusts its user experience to optimize the search process, aiming to help users find what they need quickly and efficiently. However, not all of these experiments are successful. Sometimes, based on user feedback and data analytics, Google decides to roll back features or make further adjustments. One notable example is Google’s decision to discontinue the continuous scroll feature in search results starting June 25th.

A Brief Run

Google introduced continuous scrolling for mobile search results in October 2021 and later extended it to desktop users in December 2022. This feature, initially rolled out in the U.S., aimed to streamline the search experience by reducing the need to click “next page” repeatedly. Instead, users could scroll through search results endlessly, or at least until they exhausted the available results. Despite its potential, this feature remained on desktops for only about a year and a half before Google decided to withdraw it, proving that not all innovations are meant to last.

Google’s Decision to Drop Continuous Scroll

A Google spokesperson explained that the company is phasing out continuous scroll on desktop search results first, with plans to do the same on mobile soon. Instead of continuous scrolling, users will now encounter a “Next” button for more pages on desktops and a “More results” button on mobile devices, reverting to the previous pagination system. The primary reason for this change is to enhance the speed of delivering search results by loading only the requested content, rather than continuously adding more. Google discovered that piling on additional content without user requests did not necessarily improve user satisfaction with their searches. Thus, the decision to return to a more traditional clicking method was made.

Impact on First Page Rankings

The introduction of continuous scrolling had significantly impacted website owners. Traditionally, landing on the first page of Google’s search results was highly coveted, as few users ventured beyond the first page. Continuous scrolling, however, provided lower-ranking sites with increased visibility as users scrolled further down. With the return to pagination, the emphasis on securing top spots in search results is likely to be reinstated. Higher-ranked pages may see increased click-through rates, while lower-ranking sites might experience a decrease in visibility, necessitating a rethinking of SEO strategies for those aiming to climb the rankings.

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