Building Your Business with Social Commerce

hand holding a phone with social media apps on the screen

With the rise of social media, there is a significant difference in how people conduct business. Social commerce offers practices the ability to build their business and sell their products and services to a bigger market. This especially applies to practices wanting to sell more of their non-surgical aesthetic products and services.

The Basis of Social Commerce

Social commerce is a strategy that uses social connections to promote businesses and sell products. The goal is to build a community for showcasing various aspects of your business and convincing people to buy your products or services.

Main elements of a social commerce strategy include customer service, marketing, community building, and sales. Specifically, customer service offers a way to discuss your brand with customers and monitor your clientele on social media by responding to comments and questions. You can build a community through social commerce by finding a common goal and establishing trust and brand awareness.

How to Get Started with Social Commerce

There are five main steps in getting started with social commerce:

  1. Create social media accounts
  2. Use social media for marketing your business
  3. Study your customers
  4. Track the success of your business with analytics tools
  5. Monitor your competition

Utilizing Social Media

A business might set up social media profiles such as Instagram accounts or shops. It also helps to optimize these accounts using SEO strategies. Relevant hashtags, a short bio, and high-quality images can help to boost organic rankings on search engines.

The next step in marketing your business is building a social consumer base through different types of engaging content. An effective marketing strategy is to create content that educates consumers about your products and services.

Using Analytics to Track Success

After establishing a base, you can then collect and analyze information from social media to better understand your customers. Studying consumers will help you learn their social shopping habits, what problems they have in common, and how they make their decisions.

It is also important to track your success with various analytic tools. Some of the most popular analytics platforms are Google Analytics for websites and Hootsuite for networks. To stay current in the competition, you should also monitor competitors and their efforts. Staying up to date with competitors’ tactics could give you a good idea of what does or doesn’t work.

Social Commerce is the Future

Successful companies and entrepreneurs use social media for building communities and networking. These platforms provide a great way to get valuable insight about your consumer base, promote your products and services, and build relationships with customers. In addition, knowing your competition and customers could help you upgrade your business on social eCommerce platforms.

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