Thanksgiving Wishes and Suggestions

Stating the obvious, 2020 has been an incredibly tough and stressful year for us all.  We all have a list full of tragedies, challenges, issues, and problems.  Even annual Thanksgiving traditions have been drastically modified or on hiatus.

However, amid all the negatives surrounding us, it helps crystalize the positives and reminds us of the things that are truly valuable in our lives; things we need to be thankful for.  In fact, studies have shown that gratitude has proven benefits (Forbes).

So rather than share digital marketing insights today, we simply wish you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving, and hope you take this opportunity to genuinely thank those that help you get through. You, your team and your practice will benefit.

  • Thank your spouse or significant other
  • Thank your kids
  • Thank each member of your team
  • Thank your patients
  • Thank your vendors
  • Thank your referral sources

Also, I thought you may enjoy one of my favorite videos –  25 Reasons To Be Thankful! (2015 SoulPancake; 1.8M views).

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