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Costs and Budgeting for Digital Marketing

Midway through 2021 is a good time to assess your digital marketing results, costs and budget to ensure your marketing dollars are achieving your goals and reaching target milestones.  To help determine if you just need confirmation, or to course correct, check out this video course on budgeting strategies and planning to make sure your practice finishes the year on a high note.

The video includes:
– Why budgeting 7 to 10 percent of your revenue to marketing may not apply to you.
– How to incorporate short-term vs. long term marketing strategies into your budget.
– How your current assets and baseline results impact your plans and costs
– 3 Keys to Maximizing Budget Results

Most importantly, you will get cost information on the following digital marketing areas and what you should be budgeting for each:
1) Website Design/Development/Updates
2) SEO/Google My Business Optimization
3) Paid Digital Advertising (Google, FB, Instagram, etc.)
4) Social Media
5) Referral, Loyalty, and Internal Marketing
6) Conversion Marketing

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