Turning Patient Insights Into Marketing Fuel 


In healthcare, marketing metrics and performance monitoring are crucial to the success of one’s practice. However, it’s easy to forget that real people are behind these metrics. In healthcare marketing, we call qualitative metrics patient insights, which can be used for retargeting clients. By leveraging the digital sphere, you can better analyze patient insights to better meet the needs of potential and current clients.

Where to Find Patient Insights

Finding patient insights isn’t as complicated as some might believe. One way is to dig into patient feedback forms, social media reviews, Google Business Profile, and healthcare review sites. The key is to pay attention to those who have left negative ratings. Look for common trends and insights to improve your patient experience. Another way to find insights is by conducting patient interviews. These are perfect opportunities to hear from patients and ask them questions about their procedures. Three tips to remember when conducting interviews are:

  • Ask more open-ended questions
  • Slow down and give the patients time to answer
  • Avoid medical jargon to make patients feel more comfortable

To better analyze patient insights, you should diversify your outreach to reach patients with different backgrounds and medical histories. Your practice can also diversify between long-term and short-term patients, as well as survey newer and older patients.

How to Use Patient Insights

Patient insights can be used in various ways to optimize your marketing and improve patient experiences. Often, healthcare professionals use these metrics to guide treatment plans and clinical trials. If you’re a physician struggling to apply your patient’s insights, here are a few ideas as to how to put them to use:

  • Revamp Web and Social Media Platforms. Use these new findings to change the design or theme to better appeal to patient needs.
  • Update Your Company’s Messaging. Do your ad campaigns resonate with patients? Position your mission to serve your audience best. If you’re struggling to identify what makes your practice unique, your clientele can often answer it for you.
  • Better Attend to Patient Experience. Cultivate a better experience for the consumer after looking at reviews and insights. Use negative reviews to your advantage and fix specific issues that may exist. Continue to implement positive practices.

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