Navigating the Increasing Volatility of Google’s Core Updates

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If you’ve been tracking Google’s core updates over the years, you’re likely familiar with the accompanying volatility in search engine rankings. However, recent updates, particularly the September 2023 helpful content update and the March 2024 core update, have intensified these fluctuations more than ever before.

A Turbulent Period for SEO

The past few months have proven exceptionally unstable, sparking widespread discussion among website owners and SEO experts. The September update’s impact was significant, but the March 2024 update has brought even more dramatic changes to search rankings. Glenn Gabe, a respected digital marketer and SEO consultant with G-Squared Interactive, described the recent update as a “rollercoaster ride,” with notable surges and drops occurring frequently since its introduction.

Google’s Response to the Fluctuations

Despite the severe impact of these updates, Google has advised patience, indicating that the full effects of the changes may take time to stabilize. The initial spike in volatility was noted on March 9, with subsequent peaks on March 15 and 19, showcasing ongoing instability. While some sites have benefited from the updates, others have experienced significant setbacks, highlighting the unpredictable nature of these changes.

Unprecedented Levels of Change

This update is particularly notable for its drastic effects. For instance, between March 19 and 20, Google reshuffled its entire Search Engine Results Page (SERP) three times. URLs that ranked well on March 18 vanished the next day, only to reappear shortly afterward. This level of volatility suggests a challenging period ahead for site owners.

Developing a Resilient SEO Strategy

For those who have maintained robust SEO practices, there is hope that stability will return once the current tumult subsides. However, it’s crucial to continue refining your strategies and working with seasoned experts who can navigate these turbulent times.

MedShark Digital stands ready to assist. With extensive experience in digital marketing, we have weathered numerous Google updates and are equipped to develop SEO strategies that can withstand even the most challenging conditions. If your rankings have been impacted, or you’re seeking proactive measures, reach out to us. Let us help you adapt and thrive in this ever-changing SEO landscape.

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