How to Effectively Grow Your Medical Practice


The key to expanding your medical practice is focusing your marketing efforts on engaging and educating patients. Just like any business or company, medical practices must increase visibility on local search engines and social media platforms to outperform their competitors. Healthcare providers must also differentiate themselves from other practices to generate growth and revenue.

Successful Marketing Strategies to Reach Patients

Reaching patients requires a careful and effective marketing plan tailored to your goals. Some of the best ways to transform and expand your medical practice include digital advertising, website optimization, and content marketing. This can include:

  • Evaluating your website and online patient experience
  • Utilizing GBP (Google Business Profile) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Leveraging LSAs (Local Service Ads, Pay-Per-Lead)
  • Asking patients to leave reviews
  • Posting consistent and relevant content to your website
  • Integrating social media as part of your holistic marketing approach

Where Should You Start?

If you’re wondering where to start in expanding and growing your medical practice, here are a few tips.

Optimize Your Website

The first step to reaching new audiences is building an optimized website. Making your site easy to navigate and understand is crucial to attracting new patients. Your site should be easily accessible across all devices, including computers, tablets, and phones. Google also cares about the user experience and will rank technically optimized websites higher on the search engine results page.

Local Marketing

Local marketing will also play a huge role in your medical practice’s expansion. Patients are only willing to travel so far — Google Business Profile (GBP), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and LSAs can ensure that your messaging reaches the people in your area actively interested in your services. GBP allows physicians to manage their online presence on Google for free. PPC is paid search advertisement that can generate quality leads and help convert searchers into patients. LSAs are the newest Google ads available for medical practitioners and is a key tool for boosting ROI.


Displaying reviews on your website is a great way to share others’ positive experiences with potential patients. Motivate your patients to leave reviews by providing opportunities for feedback. Your business will continue gaining credibility, as people trust personal recommendations.


Search engine optimization starts with great content. To appear in local search rankings, your site should offer informative content about your specialties and procedures. By offering topic-specific pages supplemented with blogs, FAQs, and other popular forms of content, you are signaling that your site is valuable and authoritative to Google. Users looking for information and answers about specific procedures will also be drawn to your site.

Adding visually appealing before and after pictures is also a great way to show the quality of your work to potential patients. Pictures are a significant factor and resource for those choosing a plastic surgery practice.

Before and After Photos

Adding high-quality, visually appealing before and after pictures to your website can help attract new patients by accurately representing the procedures they are considering. When taking before and after photos, ensure your lighting is even and pay careful attention to angles. For example, it’s better to take the photo head-on, not angled downward or upward. Photos should also be consistent for comparison, meaning the lighting, angle, and distance from the patient should be the same for the before and after photos.

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