Display Advertising: A Rising Trend in Plastic Surgery Marketing

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With the rapidly evolving state of the healthcare industry, it is more important than ever to stay ahead in the digital marketing space. In the past, cosmetic surgery practices have focused on organic search strategies and occasional Google pay-per-click advertising. They have leaned away from conducting display advertising. Despite this, recent trends indicate that this may be changing. Today, more savvy surgeon practice marketers are looking for new ways to market their services and grow their brand online and have found success through display advertising techniques.

The Old Way of Doing Things

Healthcare providers traditionally utilized advertising methods such as mail, tv, and radio ads to reach potential consumers. With the advent of the internet, providers can now strategically navigate the search engine algorithms to increase their reach through organic searches.

To put it simply, the higher your website ranks on this search page, the more leads you are likely to receive. This method is not affected by any advertiser payments. Although surgeons and healthcare professionals have historically been hesitant about digital advertising, there are numerous new digital marketing tactics that can be used to efficiently improve organic rankings.

Display Advertising

It is easy to see why display advertising is growing with many of the newer practices and younger surgeons. Display ads are visually appealing, target specific potential customers, and provide an easy way to monitor and measure success.

Display advertising uses existing media and website platforms that are part of Google’s Ad Network to target and display your ads. The ads can be highly targeted based on consumer demographics, like household income, age, gender, interests, online behaviors, and locations; even down to the address level, where you can do competitive advertising.

The key difference between display advertising and search marketing is that display advertising is a high reach and frequency campaign, which is essential in building a brand and stimulating consumer interest. Much like mass media advertising, you can reach thousands of consumers multiple times a month, but with far greater targeting. Display advertising can also retarget your ads to interested visitors throughout the extended cosmetic buyers’ journey.

Most importantly, digital advertising strategies such as display ads can work hand-in-hand with your other marketing strategies. In terms of PPC and organic growth tactics, studies have shown that 27% of consumers search for a business after seeing a display ad. Additionally, there is a 59% average increase in conversion when a search is related to a display ad. This demonstrates how display advertising can easily merge with your current organic search strategy to increase the growth and reach of your company.

As healthcare marketing trends change rapidly, MedShark Digital can guide you through this new landscape and ensure your company is ahead of the digital marketing curve. Call for more information on how we can bring your company to the next level.

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