• Medical marketing and SEO with industry consultant, Lisa McNevin (0:00)
  • Consulting strategies and client assessments (3:56)
  • Sales process gaps and optimization for medical practices (8:55)
  • Seasonal marketing strategies for cosmetic & aesthetic services (14:02)
  • Improving phone intake for your aesthetic practice (19:30)
  • Sales training, market dominance, and unique selling points (26:02)
  • Patient retention and loyalty in medical aesthetics (30:40)
  • Improving medical practice marketing and operations (36:58)

MedShark Insider: Unlock Your Med Spa Success

On this episode of the MedShark Insider, Bill Fukui interviews Lisa McNevin of Accelerate Aesthetic Consulting. Tune in as the pair discuss the latest tips and tricks for Med Spas looking to up their marketing game. Bill and Lisa discuss all aspects of growing a medical spa business, from lead generation to lead management to securing recurring patients. The two also discuss the importance of building personal relationships with patients.

Lisa leaves listeners with some key advice at the end of the episode, encouraging them to get their finance, marketing, and operations to a high level. Success will follow!

Have any questions? You can email Lisa directly at lisa@aaconsult.net.