What's in this episode?

  • Dr. Patel's entry into the lead management business (0:00)
  • Tracking the data you need (3:52)
  • Importance of transparency in marketing (7:05)
  • Measuring the success of your digital marketing (12:07)
  • Following up with your leads (23:06)
  • Leveraging AI to manage your leads (30:00)

MedShark Insider: Managing Medical Leads in the Digital Age

On this episode of the MedShark Insider, Bill Fukui interviews Dr. Shitel Patel, Co-Founder of Ad Vital, a lead management company that has been built for surgeons, by surgeons. Bill and Dr. Patel discuss managing leads across different mediums, including social media, television, print, and more. The duo emphasize how many practices make the mistake of not following up with leads; rather than continue with incoming leads all the way to the day of their procedure or purchase, many doctors will stop their attention after the first successful call.

Dr. Patel and Bill also provide critical insights into AI and how Ad Vital has implemented the new technology. One key tactic? When potential clients ask simple, FAQ questions, such as the location of the practice’s office or operating hours, the AI answers and even will seamlessly pass customers with more complex questions to a real staff member. Dr. Patel emphasizes that AI is not replacing humans, but rather freeing them from repetitive tasks and allowing staff to focus their time on real, strategic decisions.

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