MedShark Insider: Converting Website & PPC Traffic

On today’s episode, Bill speaks with Dave Scheppler, Manager of Strategic Partnership, and Kenneth Lee, Director of Sales and Marketing from Apex Chat. With a combined 15 years of work experience at Apex Chat, the two discuss with Bill how live chat messaging can generate lead conversion and lead generation for a medical practice and the importance of immediate service for potential patients in the new digital age. The group talks about the shift in peak user hours as a result of the new work from home standard and how that leads to Apex Chat’s growth. Scheppler and Lee describe the rise in popularity of their service and the transition to this method from marketing strategies before Apex Chat was founded. The group recognizes the willingness of patients to chat with a staff member versus a phone call and how this statistic leads to increased sales. Scheppler and Lee also enlighten Bill on the newest live chat services, such as the “message my business” feature on Google My Business and chatting services on Facebook Messenger, and how social media is taking place of many websites. Scheppler and Lee also touch on how the payment process for their services goes and how their pay-for-performance model is advantageous for larger companies and smaller practices. Click below to listen to the podcast.