• Dr. MaDan's background in the medical world (1:21)
  • Transitioning from associate to owner of a practice (7:27)
  • The importance of the patient experience and comfort (13:54)
  • Choosing your practice location (22:15)

MedShark Insider: Securing Your Own Practice

On this episode of the MedShark Insider, Bill Fukui interviews Dr. Olivia MaDan of Plastic Surgery Affiliates on her transition from an associate to buying and owning her own practice. Bill investigates what the process looked like of her taking over a practice after buying it from a fellow surgeon. Dr. MaDan describes how it all went on from 2020-2022 during COVID-19, which presented a new slew of challenges to overcome. Dr. MaDan stresses the importance of believing in oneself and saying “I can do this.”

Bill and Dr. MaDan also discussed what to look for when buying a practice, what to focus on first after securing the purchase of your own practice, as well as the patient experience and how important it is. Dr. MaDan and Bill agree that through it all, the most important concern is the patient and their needs. Dr. MaDan speaks from a unique perspective, because with a female dominated clientele in the plastic surgery industry, she is able to relate to her patients.