• Today’s Topic: Local SEO (0:00)
  • Local search results are where money is made (1:51)
  • The importance of SEO and SEO bots (3:45)
  • Optimizing your GBP with strong reviews (8:05)
  • Getting the most value from your content (18:19)
  • The magic of Local Service Ads (21:05)

MedShark Insider: Let’s Talk Local

On this episode of the MedShark Insider, Bill Fukui interviews our very own Seth Price, founder of Price Benowitz, BluShark, and MedShark Digital. Seth and Bill leverage their extensive experience in marketing to discuss Google Local and specifically, the tactics that practices can use to improve their rankings in Google’s local three pack. The duo delve into key SEO mechanisms, such as the importance of reviews, satellite offices, and backlinks when trying to get your site to rank. 

Bill points out that the “Google Business Profile… is equivalent to your most important social media platform” and encourages cosmetic practices to devote the same amount of dedication towards it as they would to social media. Finally, the two discuss paid advertising, particularly PPC and LSA ads. Seth explains that choosing the correct advertising is all about focusing on ROI and doing “what can we do to spend the least possible money and get the most possible results.”

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