• Jed's start in the financial industry (1:52)
  • Difference between a tax credit and deduction (4:25)
  • What are tax credits for? (11:59)
  • How to best take advantage of R&D tax credits (17:08)
  • Process to get your tax credit (22:23)
  • Working with tax attorneys (27:27)

MedShark Insider: Key Tax Credits for your Medical Practice

On this episode of the MedShark Insider, Bill Fukui interviews Jed Wunderli from Acquire Tax Credits regarding research and development tax credits that many surgeons are simply not aware of. If your practice has been consistently growing and improving its practices in an effort to innovate for the well being of your patients… then this tax credit could be perfect for you! Jed discusses how Acquire goes about helping practices receive such tax credits as well as qualifications necessary to be eligible for one. He also stresses the fact that many people do not think they are eligible at first, but upon further investigation, they find that they have bought a new piece of equipment or started to implement a new treatment that would qualify for this research and development credit.

Jed additionally walks the audience through the drafting process at Acquire. Bill asks how much the credits actually return into the pockets of practices, to which Jed cites examples of credits in the 200-400 thousand dollar range for high grossing practices. He explains that the reports they write for tax credits at Acquire are personalized and geared towards the real meat and bones of why a practice should be receiving a credit. Jed says “none of it’s ever, you know, cookie cutter kind of stuff. It’s not boilerplate, you know, each report is written specifically for that doctor.” This way, Jed explains that there is no concern with the IRS conducting an audit. 

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