MedShark Insider: Building Your Brand & Loyal Patients

Physician marketing guru Dana Fox joins Bill to speak about her extensive experience working with plastic surgeons. The two discuss the importance of branding and how it has evolved into the digital medium. They describe the past importance of Yellowpages and agree that the message delivery systems have vastly changed in recent years. In the digital sphere, these changes can help physicians reach interested audiences rather than large groups of uninterested consumers.

Bill and Dana also cover the importance of branding for physicians, especially plastic surgeons. They explain how branding and marketing should cater to the overall messaging of a practice’s products and services. Additionally, they agree there is a need for everyone in the practice to embrace organizational branding from top to bottom. When done properly, branding complements the overall product messaging and sets you apart from the competition.

Dana also speaks on her experience with practice loyalty programs and marketing services. For physicians like plastic surgeons, loyalty programs can help promote supplemental treatments, retain satisfied customers and boost return on investment. To help create a proper loyalty program, practices should bring enthusiasm, believe in their investments and keep it simple to engage with patients. When combined with excellent branding, Bill and Dana agree that loyalty programs can help boost revenue over the long run for plastic surgeons.

About Dana Fox:

Dana Fox is a renowned industry consultant in the plastic surgery area. She has more than 30 years of marketing and consulting experience, having worked with more than 1500 different practices in her career. She has released one book, A Brand Apart, for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and has another one set to release in October.