AMSPA: Nationally Changing Business Trajectories for Med Spa Clinics

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The medical profession faces unique challenges regarding brand identity and product positioning. The healthcare sector has a number of different business entities, whether it be hospitals, clinics, surgeons, or cosmetics. Naturally, a need for powerful business development and synergy to differentiate one’s business is crucial to success in the healthcare industry. This is especially true in the Med Spa division of healthcare services, which, like many other healthcare providers, need resources and assistance to hit the ground running. This process of business development and assistance in growing a Med Spa service became significantly more accessible with the development of the American Med Spa Association or AmSpa, an umbrella organization for Med Spas that consists of close to four thousand members. Listen to MedShark Insider’s episode with the founder and CEO of AmSpa, Alex Thiersch.

How AmSpa Assists Its Members

AmSpa provides a significant number of actionable benefits for its members, but the primary focus revolves around providing legal and clinical resources for members to ensure that their processes are running smoothly and legally. Without the proper level of legal supervision, business owners in any field can sometimes run into pitfalls, whether from missing forms or a lack of understanding of individual state laws. This is where AmSpa can step in to be able to assist members of the organization by giving them the legal resources they need to stay on track. AmSpa also hosts industry-wide events, such as their annual Med Spa show that brings together the entire organization to widen marketing efforts.

The Larger Picture: What The Development of AmSpa Represents

Over the years, physicians and surgeons in the larger healthcare field have regarded the med spa industry with contempt as there are many non-physician Med Spas with head staff who lack a medical degree. However, the existence of AmSpa and the blossoming of Med Spas into a booming healthcare industry nationwide have proven that healthcare consumers have begun to gravitate towards the Med Spa format. AmSpa has begun to transform Med Spas from a business standpoint, assisting in pointing developing Med Spas toward best practices for marketing and business development.

The Future of the Med Spa Industry

One of the significant challenges for the fledgling Med Spa industry is attracting more customers from the Gen Z segment, as most current consumers come from the Millennial/Gen X population. This has led to almost no representation of the current generation of young families as clients. Developing a Med Spa’s social media presence is likely the key to attracting this specific consumer segment, something AmSpa is working to push toward in the future. Med Spa training sessions are also something being invested in to assist aspiring owners in understanding the nuances of the industry. The main thing to remember is that the Med Spa industry is constantly evolving and growing and will continue to do so over time, and with AmSpa at its center, the sky truly is the limit. To learn more about marketing strategies specifically for Med Spas, work with our trusted team of digital marketing professionals at MedShark Digital.

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